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About the System

Throughout the United States there are many oil and gas wells in danger of being plugged...

New vs old

Vann Pumping systems have many advantages over traditional oil extraction technologies...


Roy R. Vann, Sr. was born January 20, 1924 in Royce City, Texas. He was drafted into the U.S.


Initial testing of the well is necessary to perform a Check for Economics and to establish...


Dump vent valve, standing valve, dump valve video, standing valve video


Check the idle Wells around the country of the United State...

Enhanced Oil Recovery system

Vann Pumping System was created to satisfy the need to reactivate inactive and abandoned wells, which are now unproductive with current extraction systems.

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The traditional equipment...


This are some of the advantages of the...


Critical parts of the main...

Testing Phase

Critical parts of the main...

How it works

Throughout the United State there are...

Tower Pumping Unit - New Computerized Hydraulic Lifting System

Throughout the United States there are many oil and gas wells in danger of being plugged or abandoned. These mature wells, sometimes called “stripper wells,” could possibly be made economical again by employing a short testing and evaluation phase, then implementing a new pumping method that has recently been developed. This pumping method is designed as an alternative to conventional “rod and pump jack methods” utilized in oil well production today. Instead of rods to convey the up and down stroke of the downhole pump, cable is used. In place of pump jacks, an electronic and hydraulic operated system is used. Not only is the pumping method (using cable) unconventional, it offers many options and advantages that conventional pumping does not offer. This method has been under development and testing by Roy R. Vann, Sr. for approximately seven years. Field testing has been ongoing for four years at several locations in Texas and New Mexico.

After the short testing phase and optimum pumping rate has been determined, the cable is connected to a computerized hydraulic lifting system. The size of the unit and the length of stroke will vary with the depth of the well and downhole well conditions.

The tower pumping unit may be used on any well that uses a downhole reciprocating pump to move fluid from the formation to the surface. New Computerized Hydraulic Lifting System.

Cable Operated

Downhole pumping

Lifting system

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